Code of Ethics


Members of the American Salvage Pool Association acknowledge and publicly declare that the salvage pool industry in serving the legitimate interests of clients or businessmen is dedicated fundamentally to the goals of better mutual understanding and cooperation among the diverse individuals, groups, institutions and elements of our environment. In the performance of this mission, we pledge that:


• We shall maintain a strict fiduciary relationship with both clients (sellers) and customers (buyers), recognizing that service is what we sell.

• We shall create a competitive atmosphere in our place of business which will inspire a trust between ourselves, our clients and customers.

• We shall expose any actions designed to deceive or defraud our clients or customers.

• We shall endeavor to keep informed of all laws and legislative matters affecting our industry and that of our clients and customers.

• We shall comply with all local, state and federal rules and laws that may apply or relate to the automobile salvage disposal industry.

• We will uphold the integrity of the American Salvage Pool Association, avoiding improper alliances and will work in harmony with one another.

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